Action de Grâce, Coup de Grâce

This piece was exhibited at Ubi sunt. This was a curated group show, with all work addressing motifs of mortality, life’s transience and ancestor worship. The exhibition interrogated the sacred in art through the use of rituals, resulting in the making of contemporary relics and votive objects. Exhibiting artists also drew upon Día de los Muertos, The Day of the Dead celebrations, celebrations that ritually praising the dead which have been observed by civilisations perhaps for as long as 3,000 years. These celebrations today are still strongly influenced by more ancient practices, and vary in tone from sombre mourning to celebratory and euphoric libation.

exhibiting artists included: Alison Honey/Elza Jo/Sophia Schorr-Kon/Grace Morgan Pardo/Oliver Pietsch/Samantha Sweeting/Minnie Weisz

At Ubi Sunt Grace Morgan Pardo exhibited a piece which drew from personal experience during her time living in Mexico City. In Mexico, Grace was exposed to Mexican witchcraft and was particularly interested in something which she came to know as a binding spell. A binding spell is a magical formula intended to "bind" a person's will or behavior. Examples of binding spells include love spells, attempts to silence enemies, or any other magic intended to force or restrain the action of another. Though she did not cast a binding spell, in the form of a performance and an installation Grace exhibited paraphernalia used to create such spells and prepared a place in which this type of magic could be practiced.

Grace's film Miel de Amor was also on display at the show.

Images by Sophia Schorr-Kon